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CCC-Mark China

date:2023-04-07 15:47:53
Certification mark

Introduction to Certification
CCC certification is "China Compulsory Certification", and its English name is "China Compulsory Certification", abbreviated as CCC. The CCC certification mark is "CCC", which was formulated by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration in accordance with the "Management Regulations on Compulsory Product Certification" (Order No. 5 of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China).
CCC certification implements national mandatory safety certification for the products involved. The main content can be summarized as follows:
(1) In accordance with relevant WTO agreements and internationally accepted rules, the state implements a unified compulsory product certification system for products related to human health and safety, animal and plant life safety and health, and environmental protection and public safety in accordance with the law. The National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission is uniformly responsible for the management and organization of the implementation of the national compulsory product certification system.
(2) The main feature of the national compulsory product certification system is that the state publishes a unified catalog, determines uniformly applicable national standards, technical rules, and implementation procedures, formulates unified logos, and stipulates unified charging standards. All products included in the compulsory product certification catalog must be certified by the nationally designated certification body, and only after obtaining relevant certificates and applying certification marks can they leave the factory, import, sell and use them in business and service places.
(3) In accordance with my country’s WTO commitments and the principle of embodying national treatment, the products covered by the "First Batch of Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification" announced first are based on the original import safety and quality licensing system, compulsory safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility Appropriate increase and decrease have been made on the basis of certified products. Originally, there were 138 products covered by the two systems. The "Catalog" released this time deleted 16 products including medical ultrasonic diagnostic and treatment equipment that were originally included in the mandatory certification management, and added 10 products such as safety glass for construction. There are 132 types of compulsory certification products actually listed in the "Catalog". Secondly, it released the "Catalog of Decoration Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification" (including solvent-based wood coatings, porcelain tiles, and concrete antifreeze), and "Product Catalog of Safety Technical Prevention Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification" (including intrusion detectors). Anti-theft alarm controller, car anti-theft alarm system, anti-theft safe, anti-theft safe).
(4) The state uses a unified "CCC" mark for compulsory product certification. After the implementation of China's compulsory certification mark, it will gradually replace the original "Great Wall" mark and "CCIB" mark.
(5) The state uniformly determines the charging items and standards for compulsory product certification. The formulation of new charging items and charging standards will be based on the principle of non-profit-making and embodying national treatment, comprehensively considering the current charging situation, and referring to similar overseas certification charging items and charging standards.
(6) The new compulsory product certification system was implemented on May 1, 2002, and the relevant certification bodies officially began to accept applications. In order to ensure a smooth transition between the new and old systems, the original product safety certification system and import safety and quality licensing system will be abolished on August 1, 2003.
3C certification is only the most basic safety certification. Some of its indicators represent the safety and quality of the product, but it does not mean that the performance of the product is also excellent. When buying a product, in addition to looking at whether it has the 3C mark, other indicators are also very important.