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Japan MIC certification

date:2023-04-08 15:53:14
Certification Introduction
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan is abbreviated as MIC, and the full English name is Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
MIC certification is divided into two parts: RF (Telec) and JATE (Telecom):
TELEC certification complies with Japan's "Radio Law", and the specific test specification complies with MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Notice No. 88 regulations. According to the requirements of Japan's "Radio Law", the production, sale, and operation of wireless equipment in Japan must comply with the technical regulations approved by MIC, and it is mandatory to apply for the type approval certificate (ie TELEC certification) for radio equipment.
JATE (Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment) certification is the compliance certification of telecommunications equipment. This certification is for Japanese communication equipment, ensuring that the equipment meets Japan’s "Electrical Communications Business Law." All wireless products connected to public telephones or telecommunication networks must apply for JATE certification. Simply put, JATE certification is Japan's network access certification.

MIC certification: TELEC and JATE (RF and Telecom)
Is it mandatory: Yes
Regulatory products: wireless communication products
Factory inspection: None, but ISO9001 certificate is required
Certificate validity period: None, subject to standard update
Local test: No

Local agent: to